Paleo in the Bible

Adam:  The REAL father of the Paleo Diet!

Well let’s start at the beginning, since all Creationists like to do that:-)….God put the first couple in an incredible garden, full of herbs (Hebrew literal is greens) and fruit trees which were described as food for the couple.  Adam and Eve were hunter gatherers, at least at first.  Fruit trees and “green things” were their first diet (Gen. 1:29), and many believe that the first couple were vegetarians.  I’m here to challenge that.

There’s a sect within Christianity that have promoted the idea of the first diet being vegetarian, and at the very first, it’s clear they were, but I’m presenting the case that they also ate meat.  Yep, that’s right, meat.  It’s taught that God didn’t allow for eating of meat until after the flood, when he told Noah that every moving thing that lives shall be food for you (Gen. 9:3).  I’m in agreement on that….but, did they actually eat grains?  I’m sure eventually, but not at first, but let’s get back to the meat idea.

God walked with man in the garden every evening, and taught Adam and Eve all about life.  God is a teacher, and a comforter, he didn’t just create them and say, “later dudes, I’ve got a busy schedule to meet.” Many Bible Scholars believe that after the Fall,when God himself came down to the garden, that he taught Adam how to sacrifice an animal for Atonement, and the evidence is that he made garments of animal skins for them.  I’m suggesting, that like other rituals of sacrifice that we see later in the Scriptures, that Adam and Eve most likely had leg of lamb for the first time, and, I’m thinking, slow roasted over fire, with all manner of herbs, just like Moses described in the Passover;-)

SO did they stop eating lamb, until Noah?  Let’s think about this.  Their first son, Abel, was a keeper of the flocks (Hebrew word is small cattle, sheep and goats.)  Really?  So why did they raise flocks?  Maybe a petting zoo, perhaps?  I’m trying to visualize having flocks of sheep and just using them for wool, when you live in what most scholars believe was perfect weather before the Flood. (BTW, I personally own 13 sheep at this time, and MOST are scheduled for din din, 2 llamas, and 2 goats, all grass fed.) You would have to use just the skins, without wool, or you would grow too offensive to hang around while you strutted around in your wool suits.  Let’s see, in order to get skins, something has to be sacrificed, literally.  The sheep has to die to contribute his skin, and  I can’t imagine having a sacrifice, and just chucking the meat.  And, may I point out that it says “flocks”, which is interpreted as small cattle, sheep and goats.  SO, why did Abel become a keeper of the flocks, if they were vegetarians?  I’m thinking they moved on to Cattle too!

I’m suggesting that they took the liberty of eating meat, regularly.  We’ll talk about Cain tilling the ground (He just might have been the first vegetarian, hehe) on a later post.

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